Dry birch firewood packed in 15kg net bag

Birke Brennholz

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High quality birch logs. Air dried for 1,5 years. Moisture content ca. 14%. Best quality and value firewood logs in 40 L net bags.

The quality of firewood is based on a number of factors including burn time, heat emitted, curing time and tendency to produce sparks. These factors are influenced by the cell structure of the wood, its water content and the presence of other materials in the wood.

Like Ash and Oak, Birch also belongs to the hardwood family although its burning characteristics are somewhat different; it burns quickly, has a good heat production and smells and looks attractive. Birch is a hardwood with a high calorific value which grows abundantly throughout much of Northern Europe. In Scandinavia Birch is a popular choice for use in wood burning stoves. It burns hot, evenly, quietly and does not spit. Birch firewood has a good burning value which is about 1950 kWh/rm.

The best value for money is always guaranteed with birch or hardwoods in general. The price of firewood is cheaper than natural gas or heating oil. Our birch logs are ideal for wood burners and open fires.

Product details:

Moisture content ca. 14%.
Cut to 29cm (+/– 1cm) lengths.
Nominal weight per bag ca. 15 kg.
Packed in a 40ltr strong pull-tie net sacks.
Packed 66 bags per pallet, nominal pallet weight ca. 1000kg.
The logs will fit most stoves

Most important factor is the mositure content measured in the wood. The moisture content in a proper firewood log can not exceed 20%. You can check how dry it is using a moisture meter. Logs that are too wet are cumbersome to ignite and they do not burn well enough since most of the emerged heat energy is used to evaporate the moisture in the wood. Vaporised water, smoke and the compounds within, cause soot and pitch to accumulate in the chimney and in the fireplace. This substance may also catch fire in case of serious heat and cause severe consequences. It also causes the glass window of the fireplace to coincide with a layer of soot and pitch which is also cumbersome clean.

Our high quality Birch firewood logs are air dried for 1,5 years and moisture content in the wood is ca 14%.

You can order also a whole pallet or a full truck load of firewood logs.

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Switzerland 49,90 € (product price + shipping costs include transport, customs fees and CH-VAT.)

Delivery to other countries on request.

  • Product model:Holz-1
  • Material:Birch
  • Weight ca:15

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All prices include VAT and exclude Shipping costs.
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