Internal hot tub stove 45kw

Innenofen für Badetonne Ignis-S45-1

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This internal hot tub heater is suitable for hot tubs up to 240 cm and is placed under the water. The water circulates between the stove and the tub through a special channel. The stove is equipped with a 2m long chimney and with stove lid. Chimney consists of two parts. The stove is heated from above.

Model: Ignis-S45
Type: Wood-fired
Material: Aluminum, seawater resistant
Width: 310 mm
Height: 910 mm
Length: 850 mm without fixings
Weight: 29 kg
Chimney: 2000 mm (stainless steel)
Power: ca 45 kW
Lower part height: 610 mm

All our stoves are made of high quality marine aluminum. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 15 times better than the stoves made of stainless steel and therefore our stoves are up to 30% more effective.

The material is 3 mm thick, which is two times more than in case of regular furnaces made of stainless steel. And of course, aluminum furnace is 30% lighter. Aluminum furnaces have longer useful life than furnaces made of stainless steel. The aluminium heaters retain their shape for a long time. Heaters made from thin stainless steel may become crooked.

High-quality MIG welding ensures the perfect end result. We check and test impermeability of all welded seams.

How to use an internal hot tub heater?

It´s strictly forbidden to start the heating before the hot tub is not filled with water. When the stove is approximately 75% under the water it´s allowed to start heating. Otherwise the stove will be damaged. With our aluminum heaters we do not recommend to use the chlorine. Regarding other chemicals please make sure it is harmless to the marine aluminum.

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  • Product model:Ignis-S45

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All prices include VAT and exclude Shipping costs.
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