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Sauna Bench Protection is based on linseed oil. It is 100% natural product. The oil absorbs into the wood protecting it against moisture and dirt, forming a weatherproof layer. This product is suitable for sauna bench. Expenditure for plane wooden surface is 8 – 10 m2 /l .

Places to use
Sauna bench


If necessary clean the surface from dirt.


Do not need any dilution. Shake well before use. Apply thin layers of Sauna Bench Protection  to surface  with a brush or a cloth  and let it absorb. The oil absorbs instantly into the wood. Finish the surface twice. Then warm up the sauna and wipe off the exess oil.  The amount of layers is 1 – 4 depending on the quality of the surface. Polish the surface between layers.

Time for drying

About 1 day, depends on the porosity of the wood.

Thickness: 0,93kg/l

Colour: transparent

Attention: The product may change the colour of the finishing wood.

Worktools washing: soap and water


Woodchips and cloths, which have adjoined with the product can self combust, so therefore before destroying them, they must be held moistened with water in a closed canister or they must be burned immediately. Empty and dry packages can be destroyed with other domestic garbage.


Can be held in a cold storage.

Sauna Bench

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All prices include VAT and exclude Shipping costs.
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