Frequently Asked Questions

The wooden hot tub, also called as a jacuzzi or bathtub is a round (oval) wooden barrel with an in-built stove for heating water. The stove is sea water resistant and heated with wood. Thanks to the size of the stove, the water is heated up in a matter of 2-4 hours, depending on the weather. A hot tub with a diameter of two meters holds about 2.5 m3 of water. In a standard tub there are benches for 6-9 people. The tub is equipped with a partition grid to prevent contact with the hot stove. The edge of the hot tub is covered with an edge board for placing refreshments, candles and other items. The hot tub can be entered by means of a wooden ladder or stairs. Our hot tubs are made mostly of Siberian larch and spruce, imported from the region of Lake Baikal, which provides our product with a long-lasting endurance and aesthetic appearance. Larch is used as an alternative for impregnated wood and its properties will only improve over time. The heartwood of larch contains plenty of resin and tannin that make the wood highly endurable and resistant to rotting. Moreover, the tubs are treated with a natural agent that inhibits the generation of mould and bacteria.
Warm water relaxes your body and frees your muscles of tensions. You may add common marine salt, herb extracts as well as a few drops of essential oils (grapefruit, juniper or fennel that boost your metabolism and lymph circulation) to the water for more delight. Herbal therapy is beneficial for your body, senses as well as emotions.

Hot tubs can be installed anywhere, on the ground, on a deck etc. A tub full of water may weight ca 2 tons depending on the size of the tub, therefore your site needs to be steady and more or less level.

We recommend to change the water after every 2 weeks.

They can be positioned absolutely anywhere, they’re beautiful, simple, quiet, economical and efficient.

Just like a wooden boat, the wood swells in the presence of water to form a tight seal. It is normal for a wooden tub to seep some water for the first few days as it swells tight.

It takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the hot tub size and the quality of the firewood. We also recommend to keep the cover on the tub, which reduces the cooling of water.

The Hot Tub should be treated with linseed oil or wood supplement oil / wood glace on the outside every year. Wood supplements should not be used on the inside. It is recommended to clean the inner part with soap, soda supplements or similar supplements and a brush. This prolongs the life expectancy substantially from up to 10 – 15 years. The Hot Tub will absorb less water after a while. We know Hot Tubs which are between 40-50 years old and which are still in use.

We suggest to remove the ash out of the oven once a week or every 4 weeks. Sometimes it is not even necessary when burned down completely. The ash can be removed by means of a shovel. Please use a shovel which has an angle of 90° and which has a long stick. Please find a special shovel from our homepage under accessories.

There are several possibilities. You can change the water after every few uses or buy granulas or filter pump to clean it. All necessary hot tub accessories you can find from our homepage under accessories.

The Hot Tub has a drain or a plug. A hosepipe can be installed and an outlet valve. This enables to direct the water to a specific place (for example, for watering your garden). It is unnecessary to change the water every time after having used the Hot Tub. The change of water should only be made if necessary. Bathing supplements which are biodegradeable should be used. This avoids fungal infestation or the growing of algaes. It is important that the water in the Hot Tub does not freeze in the winter season because the ice may damage the Hot Tub wood.

Certainly. In fact, we think that the best experience is to use a hot tub during a winter period and even in the snow. The contrast between the outside and the bath temperature is great, the atmosphere is cozy and also exciting. But also in the long summer evenings it’s a great feeling relaxing in the hot water surrounded by friends or family.

To prevent cracks and leaks we do recommend that the hot tub is left full in the burning sun at all times, other than during cleaning. The chance that your hot tub will dry out and causing cracks is very high.

If during the freezing temperatures the hot tub is not in use and there is a risk of the water in the hot tub freezing it should be emptied completely. Be sure to empty the heater as well.

The delivery times are stated in the product description.

We are both manufacturers and dealers. Our shipping tours are short and we do not work with distributors. We also optimised our production- and shipping management up to a maximum. This results in bargain prices but good quality.

Relaxing, recovering, silence and peace – are the magic words for a relaxing bath. In general, we appreciate to bath in warm water. Our Hot Tubs offer this through their inner-, or outer stoves and that the whole year through. The advantage is that you only have to become active when you intent to use the Hot Tub. Other bathing possibilities such as pools, whirlpools, wellness places etc. have to be maintained and heated the whole year through even if they are only used during warm seasons. The Hot Tub opens the door to take a bath outside and that the whole year through.

The best way is to use a garden hosepipe in order to fill the tub with water up to 4/5 scale. Over the oven surface has to be at least 3 cm water when the heater is installed in the inner of the tub. Never heat the Hot Tub when empty! The Hot Tub could get on fire and unrepairable damages may occur! Water out of your hosepipe, out of a lake or river or even out of the ocean can be used for your Hot Tub. The water is heated up to +35 bis +38 Grad Celsius. It is only allowed to empty a Hot Tub until the stove has cooled down completely. The Hot Tub does not need to be emptied every day, only if necessary.

The Hot Tub is used outside the whole year through with or without warm water. A lot of people heat both their sauna and their Hot Tub in order to use one after the other. A sauna is not needed, of course, but helps to reach the highest relaxation stage and to enjoy pure wellness. It has a proven positive effect on people’s blood circulation. Many customers use the Hot Tub together with their family members or with friends for a longer time. They are also used for shows.
Especially children have a lot of fun – through all seasons. A paddling pond without heater in the summer – a great experience. First swim courses can easily be performed in the Hot Tub. In general, for all users: The darker it is outside and the bader the weather, the more excitment.

A stable and even groud is needed before setting up a Hot Tub. The ground may be made of concrete, gravel or permeable paving. A concrete foundation is not necessary. It has to be seen that air can circulate underneath the Hot Tub in order to avoid the formation of mold.

As soon as the Hot Tub is installed the filling process can be started. Before filling the Hot Tub it is important to know that wood is not dense or consistent from the beginning on. Timber is a natural product with different features depending on the usage and weather conditions. Water can leak out of the floor- or walls. This is absolutely normal and no a reason for claims. This may take a while until the dry wood absorbs the water and the wood starts to swell what in turn makes the Hot Tub consistent. The Hot Tub must not be re-stressed during this process. The wood needs some time to absorb the water to become consistent.

All Hot Tubs are fully assembled when we ship them but we also offer assembly sets. The individual wood building components have to be matched together what in turn is not complicated – based on the tongue and groove principle.
However some tools and time is needed to do so. Several building components are already pre-assembled. The floor consists of two parts only, for example. It is important that the individual parts are assembled within 1 week, because wood is a natural product and it may happen that the wood warps and the Hot Tub does not reach the consistency level as it should be.

Larch timber is the hardest wood among the conifer trees. It is elastic and hardy but easy to work out, warps less and is of long lasting in dry as well as wet areas. It is the most long-lasting timber among the European conifer trees. It also has a wonderful wood grain and colour.

Bathing supplements bring along more wellness effects. However, it should be seen to it that the bathing supplements do not contain oil. Oil leaves a greasy surface in the Hot Tub and it is not easy to clean the Hot Tub afterwards. We recommend the use of bath salts or bath herbages.

It is common to use either oxygen granulat or means against the formation of algaes. Furthermore, a filtering pump with an UV-light can be installed what in turn removes green or brown water.

The water can overstay in the Hot Tub during the winter but it should not freeze up completely. There are several possibilities to avoid the complete freezing through:
1.using a filtering pump in the Hot Tub
2.Heating cable or the installation of a temparature sensor and/or a time clock
4.Application of salt
5.Styropor in the water – water presses styropor together in this case what in turn avoids that the Hot Tub is damaged. However the volume has to be calculated precisely.

After having emptied the Hot Tub please clean the Hot Tub with clear water. The inner part can be cleaned by means of a brush or a high-pressure cleaner. Please do not put a cover or sheet on the Hot Tub when it is empty because the air must have the chance to circulate in order to avoid the formation of mould. Once a year, the Hot Tub should be treated with wood protection agents on the outside.

The measurement of the Hot Tub is between 130 cm and 250 diameters and has a height of about 1 meter in the inside. This enables, depending on the circumstances, to integrate the Hot Tub optimally into your garden. Hot Tubs are not fix and if you like to design your garden anew then the Hot Tub can be carried, rolled or lifted to another place, depending on its weight.

The oven is made of aluminium and rarely made of stainless steel and hangs completely in the water. Most of the heat radiats into the water (radiant heat). It is important that the oven is heated after the Hot Tub is filled with water.

There are a view of principles which should be ovserved:
1. How many space do I have?
Basically a Hot Tub:
with an external heater needs more space than a Hot Tub with an internal stove.
2. How much space do I need in the Hot Tub?
In general:
a Hot Tub with an internal stove has less space than a Hot Tub with an external heater.
3. How can I reduce costs?
A Hot Tub is always cheaper than a whirl pool etc., because you do not need any electricity.