What is a hot tub?

What site preparation is needed?

How frequently do I need to change the water?

What are the advantages of a wooden-fired hot tub?

How do wooden tubs hold water?

How long does it take to heat up the water?

How long is the operating life expectancy of a Hot Tub?

How can I remove the ash out of the oven?

How to keep the water clean?

How can I empty the Hot Tub?

Can hot tubs be used all year?

Will the wood shrink in a dry summer if the tub isn’t used or if the hot tub is left empty for some time?

What about freezing temperatures?

How long do I have to wait until my shipment arrives?

Bargain prices but do I receive products of good quality?

Why should I purchase a Hot Tub?

How do I have to handle a Hot Tub?

How do I use a Hot Tub?

What kind of floor do I need to set up a Hot Tub?

What do I have to oberserve when using the Hot Tub for the first time?

Is it complicated to set up a Hot Tub when purchasing an assembly set?

Is larch timber more suitable?

Which additional bath supplements can I use?

Water cultivation?

Can I leave the water in the Hot Tub during the winter period?

How do I maintain the Hot Tub?

I would like to design my garden anew?

How does the oven work?

Which Hot Tub is the right one for me?