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1. We have a wide and varied assortment of woodburning hot tubs, barrel saunas and accessories.
2. All our products are covered by our 2-year international warranty.
3. Flexible and secure payment options (Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer).
4. Personal and professional consultation at any time. We go the extra mile for our customers.
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Who we are?

Sauna Badetonne is a manufacturing and sales company producing and selling eco-friendly wooden hot tubs, wooden barrel saunas and wooden grill houses. Since 2009, we have a showroom in South Germany, in Baden-Württemberg, however, the wood we use is imported from Siberia or Finland. In colder climates, the wood grows slowly and is therefore much thicker and more resilient than in the warmer climates in Europe.

Our goal is to provide top-quality products, the best personal service and comprehensive advice. The quality of our products makes it easy for us, we provide a 2-year warranty on them. We offer incredibly short delivery times and your inquiries will be answered in a quick and professional manner. Our customers come from all across Europe such as France, Germany, England, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

What is a barrel sauna?

The wooden barrel sauna is a mobile sauna made of high quality wood (Thermowood). As a result of the ThermoWood process the form stability of normal softwoods such as pine and spruce can be significantly improved. Thermal processing completely eliminates resin. Thermal processing increases durability of wood and immunity against impact of environment. For example, thermally processed wood according to its durability characteristics can be compared to oak. This is an ideal solution to complement your garden.

You can order a furnace heated with wood or electricity together with your sauna. The sauna is supplied fully assembled and after installation of the furnace is ready to be used immediately.
The set of wood-heated sauna includes: a barrel sauna, a furnace, heat protection for the furnace, base for furnace, a chimney, benches and floor grids.

Prices and delivery rates:

Our wood-fired hot tubs and barrel saunas are supplied fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Delivery fee is charged once per order. Product price as well as the delivery cost of every item is clearly shown alongside each product.

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Wooden Barrel Saunas

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Wood-Fired Hot Tubs


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