Wooden Hot Tub Transport

I Pick-up – You be able to organize your goods picked up from our warehouse or have your own carrier company pick-up the goods on your behalf. Our customers are welcome to pick-up their ordered goods at our warehouse in Baden-Württemberg, where you can convince yourself of the quality, compare the different sizes, get all the answers and even “test” a hot tub. For the pick-up you need a trailer or truck depending on the size of a tub and straps to secure the load. We will prepare and load the goods for you free of charge.


  • The trailer should be at least 110 cm wide
  • Pay attention to the maximum allowable weight – the wooden hot tubs weigh about 150 to 300 kg
  • You need at least 2 straps to safely secure the load
  • Using a van to transport don´t forget to measure the dimensions of the door

II Delivery – If you choose this delivery method we will order third party freight company to deliver your order. Freight companies usually provide curbside delivery only and your order will be sent to the address given by you in your order. With this delivery option we are not able to guarantee an exact delivery date and time. Deliveries are made on working days only (Monday to Friday) and experience has shown that delivery is normally within 5 – 10 working days from the time of shipment. The delivery location should be easily accessible for a large delivery vehichle. The goods are typically delivered with a big truck and without unloading. By agreement it is also possible to order smaller truck with a liftgate.


  • The delivery location should be easily accessible for a large delivery vehichle.
  • If you are not around to take delivery of your order you may request delivery notification for an additional charge. You will be notified in advance by phone to agree on the time of delivery.
  • Be sure to check the quantity and quality of the goods upon arrival before signing the transport documents for receipt of the goods. Transport companies may not accept later complaints.
  • If any component is missing or damaged, please contact us immediately

III Sauna-Badetonne Transport  – We deliver the goods personally + one-hour advisory session. This delivery method is the most flexible. Choosing our service, the goods will be delivered by our team at the exact date you need or whenever it is suitable time for you, including early mornings, late nights and weekends. Our price includes tips for using a hot tub and a 1 hour consultation and instructions along with answers to all of your questions. As our hot tubs will be delivered with a smaller truck equipped with a liftgate, we also provide unloading for wooden hot tubs for up to 200 cm, unloading is included in the price. For a larger hot tubs it is necessary to organize a forklift, tractor, crane or some other machine to unload the hot tub. If really needed, it is possible to unload the hot tub with 5-6 strong men as well.


  • The goods can be delivered even under difficult transport conditions
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Unloading for wooden hot tubs for up to 200 cm is included in the price
  • We can move the barrel where you need using a hand pallet truck (on solid ground)
  • Advice and instructions given by our staff