Eco sauna with full glass window and wood fueled heater (Roxburghshire, Scotland)

We were delighted when our eco sauna arrived just before lockdown in March, 2020 and we had it all to ourselves for several months before we opened our doors to guests again at Roulotte Retreatis.  We are very happy with our eco sauna and it’s my absolute favourite sanctuary to go and enjoy the peace and quiet to read or just to watch nature through the full panorama window.  We have the woodfired eco sauna which is very easy to use and the stove is incredibly responsive.  Whilst lying in the sauna at sunset we have been very fortunate to see hares, deer, moorhens, pheasants, a barn owl swooping down into the grasses and little frogs jumping up and down in front of the window.  It’s like being in a hide, ‘watching wildlife in the warm’.  All of our guests love the experience and we are thinking of buying another one soon.

Thank you for all the attention to detail and excellent customer service Lehar, we bought from you as we were so happy with the three eco hot tubs we bought from you in recent years.

Thank you

Avril Berry and Alan Fraser

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