Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC70H

Harvia Cilindro H

Budget heater with massive stone amount.
Harvia Cilindro electric heater’s massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna bath. The quality-price ratio of this floor mounted heater is excellent.

Cilindro has an apertured outer casing made of stainless steel or white painted zinked steel. You can adjust the nature of the heat from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar.

Cilindro has a partially apertured outer casing in the front, which offers the sauna bather the benefits of a large stone amount, but also enables the heater to be located in smaller space. The casing decreases the safety distance requirements, and therefore the heater’s space requirement is small and benches can be located near to it.

In Cilindro H the stone space is made of stainless steel and outer casing is made of black or white painted, zinked steel.

The heaters are equipped with a built-in control unit and the operating switches are placed down on the heater’s front side.


Model PC70H

Output kW: 6,8
Sauna room min. m3: 6
Sauna room max. m3: 10
Sauna room height min. cm: 190
Stone capacity max. kg: 80
(Stone size Ø 5-10 cm, AC3000)
Dimensions width mm: 360
Dimensions height mm: 930
Dimensions depth mm: 340
Weight kg: 17
Supply voltage 3-phase:    400 V 3N
Connecting cable mm2: 5 x 1,5
Fuse A: 3 x 10
Supply voltage 1-phase: 230 V 1N
Connecting cable mm2:     3 x 6
Fuse A: 1 x 35