Hot tub larch Ø 1,7m with internal stove (Tuscany, Italy)

We love our new hot tub. Purchase and delivery were excellent, very prompt with no problems. The last couple of km to our house are ‘off-road’, so the ‘barrel’ construction was much easier to manage without machinery…..a few volunteers from our neighbours were all that we needed.

We have lots of wood, but electricity is expensive, so a wood fired tub is a great option.The internal heater is amazing, heats the 1.7m diameter tub from cold (very cold…our spring water is always at 10C ) in about 90 minutes….the first time we actually underestimated the heater and the water was too hot!

We use the tub at any time of the day, but our favourite is at night when we can lay back and watch the stars…in silence. No noisy pumps in our tub, just the sound of owls and deer in the forest around our house.



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