Outdoor Barrel Hotel – 4 beds – Terrace – Thermally modified wood


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    Very practical and “green” solution for tourism and accomodation businesses. Can be used also as a holiday home or a chalet. The sleeping barrel has a 61 cm long terrace with two seats and integrated cup holders. The terrace is a perfect place for your quests to relax in the evenings and enjoy the weather. There is room for up to 4 people inside the barrel and as it has straight walls instead of round ones it is much more spacious. The barrel hotel is equipped with one openable window and with many storage spaces where to put the bed linen etc.

    Barrel House “SH-T27t”

    Outdoor barrel house “SH-T27t” is made of high quality thermo-processed spruce wood; its length is 270 cm and diameter is 240 cm. Bed length is 190 cm and width 70 cm. The barrel house has one section with enough room for 4 people and is supplied fully assembled.

    Thermo-Processed Wood

    Thermo-processed wood is produced by treating softwood timber in kilns at very high temperatures which alters the cellular structures of the timber and as a result makes the timber far more stable, especially so in changing climates. The process of kilning the timber is environmentally friendly. Thermo-processed wood is made through a chemical-free process using heat vapour and steam. The wood material is heated to a temperature of at least 180 degrees Celsius while it is protected with steam.

    As a result of the thermo process the form stability of normal softwoods such as pine and spruce can be significantly improved. Thermal processing completely eliminates resin. Thermal processing increases durability of wood and immunity against impact of environment. For example, thermally processed wood according to its durability characteristics can be compared to oak.

    Thermo-processed wood is darker than natural wood, more weatherproof and more resistant to rot. Its insulation qualities are better, it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable. The equilibrium moisture is up to 50% less than natural wood, which makes thermo-processed wood a better option for use in outdoor conditions.


    We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell. Our outdoor barrel hotel is made of high quality thermo processed spruce wood. Thermo-treatment is a wood treating process in high temperatures (170 – 230°C) in which moisture, bacteria and acids are removed from the wood. Thermo-processed wood is also very dry and does not “play” any more which makes it perfect for outdoor conditions.

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    Material: Massive wood, spruce (thermo-processed)
    Length: 2.7 m
    Diameter: 2,4 m
    Terrace length: 61 cm
    Bed length: 190 cm
    Bed width: 70 cm
    Openable window: 1 pc.
    Inner furnishing: Spruce
    Staves: 43 mm thick

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