Wood Fueled Hot Tub – 2 Meter – Thermally Modified Wood – Integrated Heater – Fiberglass Lining


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    Round wood fueled hot tub with fiberglass lining. Made from thermally modified spruce wood and equipped with integrated heater. Model Aqua-P20Si (outer diameter 2 meters, inner diameter 1,8 meters, room for up to 5 people). Usable all year round. Delivery across the UK & Europe.

    Wood Fueled Hot Tub – What is it?

    Wood fueled hot tub is a round or oval barrel designed for bathing, made of high quality wood and equipped with a wood-burning heater. The furnace is heated with wood and after a couple of hours of heating one can enjoy bathing in hot water – in the open air, in a garden or on a terrace.

    The tub has benches inside that let one enjoy his or her time with more comfort. Serving board can also be placed on the hot tub’s edge, so that all the food and drinks are within a hand’s reach.

    Complete Set Includes

      • Wooden hot tub with a fiberglass lining (outer diameter 2,0 meters, inner diameter is 1,8 meters)
      • Seawater resistant aluminium stove ”Ignis-V45″ with a chimney of 2 meters
      • Ready-made seats
      • Base/Feet (impregnated with wood oil, weatherproof)
      • Stainless steel bands 2 pcs (adjustable)
      • Matching wood steps (value if purchased separately €190)
      • Drainage tap (value if purchased separately €79)

    All our hot tubs come with the most necessary accessories you’ll need for safe and enjoyable bathing. For any additional products please visit our Accessories page.

    Recommended Extras for This Wood Fired Hot Tub:

    Together with the wooden hot tub we recommend to order also an insulated cover and a chimney guard.

    Insulated coverValue if purchased separately  €635

    Chimney guardValue if purchased separately  €145

    Total price for the insulated cover and a chimney guard bought together with this hot tub is €599.

    In case you would like to order the insulated cover and a chimney guard together with this wooden hot tub please choose “with extras” from the top menu.

    You can choose either blue or grey fiberglass liner. Please mark your preferred color under the comments.

    About ThermoWood

    Thermowood is produced by treating softwood timber in kilns at very high temperatures which alters the cellular structures of the timber and as a result makes the timber far more stable, especially so in changing climates. The process of kilning the timber is environmentally friendly. Thermowood is made through a chemical-free process using heat vapour and steam. The wood material is heated to a temperature of at least 180 degrees Celsius while it is protected with steam.

    Thermo-processed wood is darker than natural wood, more weatherproof and more resistant to rot. Its insulation qualities are better, it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable. The equilibrium moisture is up to 50% less than natural wood, which makes thermo-processed wood a better option for use in outdoor conditions.


    Natural, economical, environmentally friendly, mobile and usable year-round – these are just some of the keywords that describe the advantages of the bathing barrel. Many of us can’t hear birdsongs or see the stars in the sky while taking a bath in the bathtub, but comfortable bathing barrels make it a reality.

    Natural wood is the most environmentally friendly and economical building material. Wood is the only truly renewable natural resource that has a number of functional properties – a naturally warm and beautiful appearance and good price, which can’t be achieved with use of artificial alternatives. Proper impregnation of wood using modern wood treatment means and technologies increases durability and properties of wood, as well as demand for it.

    Economical – sustainable production and consumption mean that provision of services and products, as well as their consumption, don’t harm the natural environment and society. This is the key to sustainable way of life. This means the choice of a lifestyle that protects and preserves natural resources and helps to maintain people’s good health and well-being all over the world. Some might feel that is sounds a bit idealistic, but we should stick to this idea if we want to turn the world to the right rut. It is a mistake to think that sustainability only requires reducing consumption. Instead, it rather means more efficient consumption and, at the same time, better quality of life –so that first and foremost we could satisfy our primary needs and at the same time feel confident that the products we use contain no toxic agents and that natural resources are not wasted during production.

    Environmentally friendly – the use of wood as material and fuel was one of the earliest ways to use plants. Wood is a renewable raw material that offers very diverse ways of use and it still belongs to one of the most important groups of products obtained from plants. Environmentally friendly (sustainable) consumption means high level of awareness of people (citizens, private and public sectors) that make conscious choices in favor of the products that have as little environmental impact as possible, since they offer environmentally-friendly technologies, longer useful life, rehashing, better options for repeated use and upgrading, or options to be used by several people.

    Mobile – if necessary, the bathing barrel can be easily relocated. You can even transport it to your summerhouse and back, or take it when you go to visit your friends.

    Why Wood Fueled Hot Tub?

    Wood fired bath barrel can be placed exactly where you need to and can be easily relocated, it requires little room and it is very practical. The wooden hot tub is heated with wood and doesn’t consume electricity. Water in the barrel circulates under the impact of gravity and depending on the weather and the size of the barrel it takes around 2-4 hours to heat the water to 38 degrees. Wooden hot tub is designed to be used during any season. It feels good to submerge into cool water under the hot sun in summer, while in winter it is a real pleasure to enjoy hot water.

    Who wouldn’t love to relax in a large bathtub that has room for 4 or more people?
    Why not do it in the garden at the time and in the company of your choosing?
    Buy the wooden hot tub and enjoy unique moments in the open air and in a company with your closest people in any weather and all year round.

    The wooden hot tub is designed to be used by people of any age and at any time.
    As you relax in the wooden hot tub you will forget all your everyday troubles and will truly refresh your soul.
    You may enjoy refreshing and relaxing experience in your garden every day.

    Sauna Badetonne Guarantee

    We provide a 3-year warranty on all our saunas and hot tubs. We are stable and secure and you can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Starting from incoming control up to the final inspection stage.

    Sauna Badetonne Quailty

    We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell. Our plastic inner bath barrels are made of high quality thermowood only. Thermo-treatment is a wood treating process in high temperatures (170 – 230°C) in which moisture, bacteria and acids are removed from the wood. Thermo-processed wood is also very dry and does not “play” any more which makes it perfect for plastic inner tubs.

    All the furnaces that we use in our wooden hot tubs are made of high quality marine aluminum. The advantage of the aluminum furnace is that it has better thermal conductivity, which saves you both time and heating material.

    The material is 3 mm thick, which is two times more than in case of regular furnaces made of stainless steel. And of course, aluminum furnace is 30% lighter. Aluminum furnaces have longer useful life than furnaces made of stainless steel. The aluminium heaters retain their shape for a long time. Heaters made from thin stainless steel may become crooked.

    High-quality MIG welding ensures the perfect end result. We check and test impermeability of all welded seams.

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