Stainless steel swimming pool heater 95 kW (61350, France)

I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve just returned from France and successfully plumbed in the pool heater and also commissioned it.

The boiler was fantastic.

I adjusted the flow rate to 1500 litres per hour and it raised the temperature of 10,000 gallons from 12.5 to 27 degrees with about 12 hours of slow burning wood. (5 x 50 cm long logs at a time….30 in all). It then only needed a small topping up every other day to keep it’s temperature. I kept the boiler temperature 40 -50 degrees and the pressure minimal (open vented system).

The condensation was minimal on startup and perfectly acceptable as was the small amount of smoking.

The boiler is sited 4 metres from the pool in a separate room.

Chris White
61350, France

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