BBQ Hut 17 m2 – Octagonal – Wall Height 120 cm – 45 mm Scandinavian Timber – For 15-20 People


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    This BBQ Hut 17 m2 is made from 45 mm thick slow-grown Scandinavian spruce and is a perfect place to have a family get-together, a small party, sleepovers or just to relax and enjoy delicious food all year round.

    The benches inside the BBQ Hut are installed around the grill and you can comfortably grill in this house even in the rainy and cold weather or use it as a shade or as a garden office in the summer. This BBQ Hut comfortably seats 15 to 20 people and is a really great garden house to enjoy barbecue with your loved ones at any time and in any weather.

    BBQ Hut 17 m2 is supplied as a ready-made elements and a thorough assembly manual is included in the set. In standard the BBQ Hut is equipped with wooden floor grates. Full wooden floor is optional. Additionally it is also possible to order a timber base frame for the BBQ Hut to sit on. This is a quick and cost effective solution without much disruption to your garden.

    BBQ Hut 17m2 SB

    Complete Set Includes

            • BBQ Hut 17 m2
            • Inside BBQ grill (8-sided)
            • Tables around the grill
            • Grills for cooking
            • Benches inside the BBQ Hut
            • Extendable chimney
            • Lockable door
            • Wooden floor grates

    BBQ Hut grill octa


    • Full wooden floor (optional)
    • Timber base frame (optional)





        • Model: BBQ Hut 17 m2
        • Floor area: 17 m2
        • Size: 15-20 people
        • Shape: Octagonal (8 sides)
        • Material: Scandinavian spruce
        • Wall thickness: 45 mm
        • Wall height: 120 cm
        • Wall width: 188 cm
        • Total height: 296 cm
        • Number of doors: 1
        • Size of a doorway: 80 cm x 175 cm
        • Total number of windows: 4
        • Openable windows: 1
        • Size of a window: 89 cm x 50 cm
        • Roof cover material: Black shingle roof
        • Deep impregnated foundation boards
        • Wall boards with rounded outer side
        • Full bulged roof and wall boards
        • Packet windows
        • Assembly tools (screws, schingle nails, etc.)
        • Thorough assembly manual


      The wooden material contained in this set is untreated and needs finishing after the installation which guarantees its long life and beauty.

      Package dimensions: 310 cm x 120 cm x 240 cm


      We provide a 3-year warranty on all our BBQ Huts. We are stable and secure and you can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Starting from incoming control up to the final inspection stage.

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    Wooden Floor Grates, Full Wooden Floor

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