Oval wood burning hot tub (Bowden, Melrose, United Kingdom)

All three Hot Tubs are fairing very well. They are very popular with guests and very well used. I never hesitate to tell people that are interested about Sauna-Badetonne as a fantastic Company. Both for products, service and great after sales. We remain delighted with our buying experience.

Thank you again for great service and product.

With our best wishes,

Alan + Avril
Roulotte Retreat

Hot tub larch Ø 1,7m with internal stove (Tuscany, Italy)

We love our new hot tub. Purchase and delivery were excellent, very prompt with no problems. The last couple of km to our house are ‘off-road’, so the ‘barrel’ construction was much easier to manage without machinery…..a few volunteers from our neighbours were all that we needed.

We have lots of wood, but electricity is expensive, so a wood fired tub is a great option.The internal heater is amazing, heats the 1.7m diameter tub from cold (very cold…our spring water is always at 10C ) in about 90 minutes….the first time we actually underestimated the heater and the water was too hot!

We use the tub at any time of the day, but our favourite is at night when we can lay back and watch the stars…in silence. No noisy pumps in our tub, just the sound of owls and deer in the forest around our house.



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Wooden barrel sauna with terrace, wood-fired sauna stove and accessories (Shinfield, UK)

We are very pleased with our new barrel sauna. We have tucked it away into a small unused area of our garden, it looks amazing and makes use of the space. The sauna itself is very spacious inside. We have not used a wood burning sauna before and were surprised how few logs it needs to heat up and it remains hot for a long time. The unloading was expertly handled by a local HIAB company and the driver was very interested in having a sauna himself! Would thoroughly recommend having one.

Chris & Carol Taylor
Shinfield, UK


Mobile sauna    Garden sauna

Wood fired hot tub spruce Ø 1,7m with internal stove (Alvor, Portugal)

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to thank you, and your Company, very much indeed for the excellent service I received from you, before and after purchasing one of your wooden Hot Tubs – 1.7meter spruce with internal furnace.

Initially, I had a few questions, which were all answered very quickly, the same day, and to my complete satisfaction.. I could tell how efficient your Company was, which gave me complete confidence in placing an order with you, even with a fairly large amount of money involved.  You were kind enough, also to allow me to pay an initial 10% deposit, with the balance payable on delivery..I also needed the Hot Tub delivered to Portugal, which I discovered would be no problem, even though the overall distance was many hundreds of kilometers..

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to receive my Hot Tub in less than 2 weeks from the order date, which I thought was very fast indeed, and I need to compliment you on this, in particular.. The Hot Tub, with all the extras, which I had ordered, arrived safely and in good condition, even though it was a very large item, and very heavy.. Your staff had done a very good job of packing everything carefully and safely.. well done, again..

Lastly, I must also compliment you on the quality of the wood used for the hot tub, and it’s overall construction.. The joins in the timbers are beautifully put together, almost a work of art… superb craftsmanship – well done to the ‘joiners’ too..

I would have no hesitation in recommending your Company to anybody interested in purchasing  a top quality Hot Tub.

Thanking you all for a brilliant service.. I have no doubt at all that your Company will go from strength to strength.. I wish you well.

Best regards,

Tom Valender,
Alvor, Portugal

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