Water care “Soft & Easy” (4 sachets)


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    Soft & Easy is a top-class innovation from BAYROL. Soft & Easy is a completely new intelligent care concept, based on active oxygen, which have benefits over traditional sanitizer
    methods. It makes sure of naturally super-clear water, it is perceptibly gentle to the skin, eyes and hair, and completely simple to handle. Soft & Easy is a granulate in a double bag. One double bag is sufficient for up to 20 m3 of pool water which means that it is also ideal for the smaller swimming pool. The larger chamber contains active oxygen: the smaller chamber contains active substances for preventing algae, providing a clarifyer effect and for pH buffering. Soft & Easy is chlorine-free but is compatible with chlorine – ie a shock chlorination can be performed at any time or temporarily, whilst chlorine can be used during longer absences (such as holidays). Soft & Easy is more intelligent than conventional oxygen products, and therefore offers a series of advantages, which are:

    *The water quality is noticeably agreeable. You bathe as in natural water.
    *No smell of chlorine.
    *Particularly kind to the skin.
    *No irritation of the skin and eyes.
    *The skin is not dried out, nor is the hair brittle after swimming.
    *Free of heavy metal, ie there is no risk that stains will form as a result of the product itself.

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