Wood oil 1L for larch wood


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    Taroil Light Brown

    Taroil contains  linseed oil, tar and pine – turpentine. Taroil absorbs into the wood slowing moisture, rot and fungus affects. Taroil gives the wood a beautiful transparent and water resistant surface. Expenditure for lumber 3- 5 m2/ l , plane surfaces 5-10 m2/l .

    Places to use

    Wooden hot tubs
    Log houses
    Garden furniture
    Garden houses
    Thermally finished wood


    Wooden surfaces, which are going to be finished must be dry, maximum wood humidity under 15%, and air relative humidity under 80%. Old wooden surfaces must be cleaned from dirt, fungus  and other removable substances (for example with sandpaper).


    Do not need any dilution. Shake well before use and  while using. Apply thin layer of Taroil  to the  surface  with a brush or a cloth  and let it absorb. Remove all unabsorbed oil from the surface. Let it dry and polish the surface before applying the next layer. The amount of layers is 1 – 4 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the surface. Finish the ends of the wooden surfaces with special care. Taroil can be toned with paint pigments. Maintenance treatment can be done in a year if necessary.  Taroil is not suitable for polished or painted surfaces. Usage for other purposes and against the directions is not recommended.

    Time for drying

    Thin layers applied: 1- 7 days depending on the weather conditions and the wood.

    Thickness:  0,85kg/l

    Colour:  light brown

    Worktools washing : pine turpentine


    Wood chips and cloths, which have adjoined with the product are self combustible, so therefore before destroying them, they must be held moistened with water in a closed canister or they must be burned immediately. Product must be kept away from soil, canalisation and water. Leaked fluid must  be gathered with sand or other not burning and absorbent material. Empty and dry packages can be destroyed with other domestic garbage. Liquid leavings must be taken to dangerous substance collecting point.


    Can be held in a cold storage.


    Pine turpentine
    Pine tar
    Linseed oil

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